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Hi, I’m Kieran Witt and this a post in my Ideas to Products series where I share my journey designing and building one of my many ideas and what I learnt along the way.

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  • 💔 The Experience
  • 📝 Summary Of The Problems
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Getting some of my PDF files onto my Kindle has been a blessing in disguise. I really struggle to read documents from my phone, and doing this has made reading when I have a spare 15 mins on the go, a bucketload easier.

It’s not immediately obvious how to add documents to your kindle (other than plugging it in), so I wanted to share how I’ve been emailing documents to my kindle to save time and effort.

Below, you’ll find a quick guide on how to get PDFs and other documents to your Kindle, plus some detail on each step…

Making house hunting easier for couples pt 3

It’s now Sunday, and after an intense morning the day before building my first product, Deuce, I was ready to get back into it. I had a tight timeline, with only 3 hours to build the remainder of Deuce as I was due to meet some friends for a socially distanced pint in the cold.

To recap where I left off on Saturday, the code I built enables Deuce to:

  1. Log into the Rightmove account of userA
  2. Create an array of saved property links called uniquePropertyLinks for userA
  3. Log out of the userA account
  4. Log into the Rightmove account of…

Making House Hunting Easier For Couples

This is a follow on from my first ever post explaining how I came up with and designed Deuce.

2️⃣ Deuce

I didn’t name this idea in the last post and still didn’t even come up with one until after I’d built my next project. It took me almost a week to find a name. Deuce. Deuce stands for two on dice or playing cards, and this idea is all about making life easier for two people house-hunting together. It’s not amazing, but it’ll do!


For those who skipped the first post in this series, here’s a snapshot summary of the problem…

GitHub is a service that enables developers to store their code virtually

What is GitHub used for:

Developers use it to share and collaborate on code they’re working on and keep track of the most current version of the code. They do this by loading it to a repository. Developers could be using it to show their code to the world (like me), ask for feedback from the wider developer community, or share it with their team who are working on the same project simultaneously.

The struggle is real!

Welcome to my first-ever blog post! I can’t begin to tell you how strange it feels to be writing this intro so much so I procrastinated writing it until I’d written the rest of this blog… writing doesn’t come naturally to me and this is my way of trying to change that.

⛹️ Who am I and what am I writing about?

I’m Kieran Witt, a product and project manager in the financial sector. Day to day I develop financial products, like investments and in the past mortgages, credit cards, and loans and by night I come up with ideas to solve problems I’ve experienced in my life or observed…

Kieran Witt

By day I'm a product and project manager in the financial sector. By night I write about my ideas and journey to learn code.

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